About us

Hi there, I’m Stewie, the owner and founder of Osboosting.com.

I have been playing RuneScape since late 2004. Ever since I started playing this game, my favourite thing to do was PK’ing. I loved just jumping into the wilderness to go on an adventure. Back then, my account build was very suboptimal for PK’ing, and as you can imagine, I didn’t have a lot of success.

After a while, I got sick of dying all the time, without getting kills myself. I decided I needed to level up my account. Feeling motivated, I started levelling my stats. Eventually I got burnt out from the grind. It wasn’t just levelling my stats, but I also needed to do all these quests and minigames to unlock good untradebles, to be able to have a good and solid account.

During my complete RuneScape journey, I always had this thought in the back of my mind: “Why do I have to grind for so many hours, just to jump into the parts of the game I actually enjoy?”.

That’s why I, together with a group of friends, decided to do services for each other. And now we offer our services to you.

About us

Accounts shop

We started our accounts shop back in 2017 on the largest black market site for RuneScape, named Sythe. It was pretty difficult starting out, because we didn’t have the reputation back then that we have right now. Users were skeptical purchasing our accounts, and rightfully so, because the RuneScape accounts market is very sketchy.

Why is the RuneScape accounts market so sketchy? Well, RuneScape accounts are always recoverable by the original owner, and many scams occur because of this. Many account sellers end up recovering the account you purchased, leaving you without your money and without the account.

There are also popular websites out there that resell RuneScape accounts. They purchase RuneScape accounts for a low price from random people and then sell them to you, for a higher price. Because prices of these accounts are typically lower, it might be attractive to purchase one of these accounts, but there are many reports of these accounts being end up recovered by the original owner, leaving you, the customer, without anything.

At OSBoosting we take the security of the accounts we sell very highly. That is why we only sell accounts that we are the original owner of, so there is no chance of your account ever being recovered by third parties. The account you purchase here is yours forever.

Our goals

Our biggest goal is to become your number one RuneScape services provider. We are here to stay. We are always looking at expanding our services to cover all your needs. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know here. We would love to hear from you!

Our future goals

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